Endorphins Fitness

Train Happy!

My name is Lindsay Frankel, and I am a NSCA-certified personal trainer and mom of 3. My goal as a fitness professional is to help women, specifically pre and postnatal women (postnatal = anyone who has ever had a baby!) reach their training goals by making exercise fun and accessible for you.

 "Exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy!" Who doesn't want to be happy?! 

How does exercise make you happy? Endorphins are the body’s natural feel-good chemicals, and when they are released through exercise, your mood is boosted naturally. Physically active people recover from mild depression more quickly, and physical activity is strongly correlated with good mental health as we age. 

So welcome-- click around and hopefully you'll find a program that will work for you. I look forward to helping you take the steps toward being the best you that you can possibly be!



Circuit Training Bootcamp

Looking to burn calories and trim your waistline, but in a modest, women only environment? No Problem! A Metabolic Resistance Training program is one of the best, most intense strategies for improving your overall fitness level while building muscle and torching fat at the same time. This maximum effort circuit class aims to spike your metabolism, crush calories, lift your lactate threshold, boost your body’s muscle building capability, all the while maximizing your body’s capacity for change.

Currently offered Monday evenings at 7:30 in Amberley Village. Contact me about possible additional dates/times.

Please bring a yoga mat or towel and water.  6 people max, first come first serve. Please sign up in advance here

 $10/class, package discounts available